The Champagne Campaign

We didnt start the fire...

So the plan is that Ozdin and the pirate go light a fire to distract, and Rittle goes to steal the horses, and he opens the stable doors to signal Davian and Sai to come help them get out of town. Kay… go!

So Will and Ozdin go sneaky sneaky into the woods with fire building supplies. He builds the most amazing ship shaped fire that creation has ever seen, he has made the unconcord sun proud. The dragon blooded spot this and one of the two leaves with the stable master to go check out this awesome fire, cause its awesome.

And Rittle heads in to town, well disguised as one of the drunk townsmen from your first night in town. And he sneaks into the stable, with the one dragon blooded still there. He sneaks in and backstabs the dragon blooded and then Davain and Sai some running in to town to help Rittle take out this dragon blooded, tawnia comes too. Mass comate ensues and is really rather dull. You roll dice, you hit the dragon blooded and she hits you back… carrying on. You tie her up but you don’t kill her. Tawnia marks her wrists.

You loot her body and you gather: 1 x Jade Reaver Dikalve, 1 x Dragon Blooded Armour.

Trumps can be heard in the distance as the circle departs the town of Thorpsvile. Ozdin is fighting the remainder of the DB’s alone and a ( I shit you not…) 40 minute conversation is had before deciding that Ozdin is not worth it. And then more dice are rolled and people failed compassion checks and are suddenly morally obligated. So we go riding into battle and see the stable master in a mangled heap of death, while the DB has their flaming reaver buried up to the hilt in Ozdins abdomen. Ozdin seem to have an inner sun burning out from the previously silver iridescent tattoos covering his really yummie torso… More fighting ensues…. And you kill the DB

There are 4 more Dragonblooded approaching, as Ozdin removed the sword from his body. He then preps himself to fight. His body contorts and grows in size, he becomes taller and more muscular, his face becomes rigid and develops hair as you can hear bones crunch and morph. He becomes what is best described as a were-bear. Tawnia wants the circle to depart, believing that they cant take much more and she will stand ground with Ozdin to put as much space between the DB’s and the young circle. She tell you to head towards the town by the river. However, Davian wont let her stay and forces Tawnia to come with them.

As the circle rides away screams of death can be heard from behind them

We have 5 people,2 horses, an mule and a cart…We’re not moving to fast. Oh and you animas are all glowy.

And we leave off with the sound of hoof beets behind you.



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