An ordinary man turned avenging angel


The Exalt known as Archon was not always named thus. His original name is not something he offers freely though. It seems as if he is protecting something or possibly someone by concealing it. Otherwise this man looks like he’s used to a lifetime of labor, his 6’1 frame layered with wiry muscle. This physique is usually obscured by a simple courier’s outfit (simple tunic and trousers, medium-sized backpack and bedroll, traveling cloak with hood) which typically obscures his rather plain facial features. Archon will typically travel from town to town in this garb, trying to retain a low profile as he learns the lay of the lands he’s visiting. He pays special attention to the conditions of the village, particularly whether they are poor, destitute, oppressed, or suffering. If this is the case, he will set about learning all he can of the source of the villages troubles, with the aim of confronting them head on. When the time comes Archon discards his cloak and pack and manifests shining golden armor with a winged motif. His anima banner flares into existence in the forms of majestic golden glowing feathered wings. He draws his daiklave, the Cleaver of Chains, from its hiding place in the Elsewhere. Archon then confronts the roots of trouble aiming to resolve the situation through whatever means are necessary. Archon has repeatedly said that his interests lie in insuring liberty and freedom for the common man, but only time will tell how successful this Solar’s methods will be.

Michael by Aqua-Uchiha

(Note that the wings are not actually connected to Archon, they are actually his Anima banner. They are also usually much larger in appearance.)


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