Davian Furrows

Solid and resolute, this 6'5" behemoth is also one of the most attractive men in creation.


Strength 5 Dexterit 3 Stamina 5

Charisma 3 Manipulation 1 Appearance 5

Perception 3 Intelligence 2 Wits 2

Abilities: (C)Archery 2 (C)Martial Arts 4 (F)Athletics 4 (F)Awareness 4 Dodge 1 (F)Integrity 3 Presence 2 (F)Resistance 3 (F)Survival 4 Linguistics (Sign language) 1 Ride 3

Virtues: Compassion 3 Temperance 2 Conviction 3 Valor 1 Essence 3 Willpower 6

Soaks Bashing 5 Lethal 2 With Armor – Bashing 16 With Armor – Lethal 14

Virtue Flaw: Heart of Flint


Anima Banner: Davian’s anima banner is a giant golden plough being pulled through rich and fertile soil.

Backstory: What’s to tell? This young farmboy was raised with Lookshy hanging just on the horizon in a backwards farm surrounded by backwoods people. His father and mother though seemed to be anything other than ordinary for the area and his skillset and deep knowledge of martial arts comes from their tutelage and teachings. Anything about their history though, they refuse to speak of.

His exaltation: TBA

Davian Furrows

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