The Champagne Campaign

Have you ever had the meat sweats?

Booze, bodies and bears

So every one earned 5 exp from the game on March 1st.

So we last left our circle of heroes talking to the old lady, with Rittle trying to calm her down.

She explains that’s she’s still furious that the town and Ozdin conspired to kill her son. It was by Ozdins hand that her son died. Rittle, being the interrogator of the group manages to get some cohesive information from the old lady about Ozdin, that he is special and revered by gods, which gives him free reign over the town. She believes that Ozdin was jealous of her son because she thinks he too was chosen. Her sons name is Rowko.

She tells you that she has no idea where Ozdin lives. Her name is Lynette. She tells Davian that he was murdered about 6 moons ago, he was 17 years old.

Rittle decides that the nice chat is done and asks Lynette if she is poisoning the town, she has no idea what he’s talking about. He tells her that the town is blaming her for some sort of poisoning. She doesn’t seem surprised; they’re always blaming her for something. We find out that her husband died some time ago and that Ozdin is not the father of Rowko. As she’s talking about this most of the group sees that the fire inside her house has calmed down and changed to a yellowy green. William gets caught picking his nose. The more she talks about her son the greener the fire becomes. She’s asked about the fire and the forest and various other things and she seems mostly oblivious to these things.

Finally the muscle hunk of the group bates his eyelashes to get them into Lynette’s home. As you enter the house you are all taken aback by hoe big and nice he house is. It has even got 2 floors. Absolutely nothing like it did out side. She immediately gathers cups for tea for her guests. As she’s doing this every one notices that the fire is COMPLETELY NORMAL.

The party asks around her house and how it’s not the same inside as it is out and she, again, is totally oblivious. Fucking women eh? Sai is able to determine that the fire inside is in no way connected to the fire seen outside. She continues to gush about how much she misses her son and how much she hates the town and Ozdin. She continues to serve tea and tell stories about her son. She talks about how the land hasn’t changed a whole lot in the past 6 months. She seems unaffected by what ever has been happening to the town.

So the topic of you guys striking revenge on the people that hurt her is finally broached and you guys agree to bring her the head stone of her son, to be placed in the family cemetery. Lynette is THRILLED!! So the evening turns to night and you guys set up camp in her yard and she makes you boys’ dinner.

During the night you guys conduct a though and quiet inspection of her house. Both inside and out. But at your skill level it turns up nothing substantial.

So morning comes and Lynette brings you boy’s dinner and some warm clothes fro you guys as well. They are heavy cloaks, with a soak of 3 lethal and 4 bashing, mobility of -1 and a fatigue cost of 2. Found on pg 375. Soon after you guys head back to the village. As you brave the forest again to head back to civilization the path seems to have changed and is remarkably easier to navigate. Once you guys are headed the right way it’s only a matter of hours before your back in Thorpsvile.

When you arrive you immediately ask around about when Ozdin will be returning, and you get the same answers as before, in a bout a week’s time. You also report that you were unable to find the witch, how ever you did find some schanzzy new clothes… fancy that. So the idea of going to the graveyard to get the tombstone and possibly rob the grave comes up but it’s decided that maybe that’s not a good idea for the day, a simple scouting mission of the graveyard suffices.

The grave yard is simple and has some recent traffic showing on the road, supposedly from the recent deaths’ in the town. Rowkos gravestone is finable, along with other graves. But there’s no mention of Ozdins offspring being buried here.

So time is killed in the local tavern, with shots of rum counting the hours. The pirate William goes shot for shot with the sales extraordinaire Sai.

As this is happening Tawnia, Davian and Rittle take a walk, and by doing so they missed the projectile vomit that came from Sai. How a man that small got that kind of distance know one will ever know… Maybe that’s why he’s exalted… ewww.

They are walking just out side of town about 20 or 30 feet in the tree line around the town. And Tawnia goes into more depth about what in general it means to be exalted.

Mean while Sai has passed out from intoxication and William uses him to mop up the vomit and puts him in the bathtub to sleep it off.

So the stable master had to go to another town, closer to the river, taking all but the pack horse with him.

A little while later the party gets back together and they make a group effort in cleaning Sai up. It’s difficult to do with the amount that Sai is dry heaving. After about 6 hours Sai is still passed out and curled over while William is feeling a lot better. The circle is headed to the graveyard. They grab the headstone and head into the forest to see Lynette again.

The trees in the forest seem different then they did last time they went through, but they use the same tactics as last time, smelling and jumping their way through the forest maze, this time it only took them about 4 hours to get to Lynette’s door. She is sooo happy that you brought her the head stone she starts crying and she can’t express how thankful she is. Together you walk to the family cemetery where all the men of the family are buried. Then we return to her house where Sai gets a much needed nap. Any that’s when Lynette tells the story of how Rowko died. And then you guys head back to town. As your leaving you notice that the state of her house is remarkably better.

So deciding that there was about 2 days till Ozdins arrival they decided to looking around the town and talk to the locals. Starting at the bar keep. Rittle and Davian think it’s time for the hard questions and are finally able to get some useful information out of the barkeep. He tells them that they should have mind their own business, and the man that was there when Rowko was killed was the stable master, who is currently in another town closer to the river. Sai, knowing that the inn keep isn’t telling them everything puts the proverbial knuckles to him and find out that the man who Ozdins was fighting with when Rowko was killed was a member of the Scarlet Empire, he was trying to make him leave. No one has ever really spoken to Ozdin about it. Then Sai, unable to abide his curiosity any longer asks, “When has Ozdin got so many children?” Williams shocked but how forthright Sai is spits out his drink…At Sai. The barkeep stutters but responds”it might have some ting to do with his large muscles”.

Scratch that, you’re not talking to the barkeep; you were talking to the grocer.

So after the length of the stable keeper is discussed the pirate and the sales men attempt to get shit faced again. Which almost causes a bar fight between the two brothers. “Keen sense mother fucker” followed by “tea bag squat”….Moving on.

After that, the guys go to the graveyard to see if they can excavate Rowkos grave. Its do able but after MUCH discussion you decided to wait to excavate the grave until after Ozdins arrival. While outside Davian gets the sensation that he’s being watched but no one can see anything out of the ordinary. The party makes it to the stable and makes a group effort to fix a wagon for the excavation of the body. And then the party decided to postpone the excavation until after Ozdins arrival. You all spend much of the next day training, practicing and learning from one another.

Durring dinner on the seventh night you hear a few horse come thundering into town. On top the horses are the stable keeper and two dragon blooded. They head directly to the stable and close the door behind them. Listening in to the conversation you can head them discussing Ozdin, Lynnette and your party. As a group you decide that maybe packing up and taking off is the best idea. So they head out through the back door, and into the woods.

Once in the safety of the night and the forest it’s decided to set up a perimeter around the town to see if we can get a better idea of what’s going on in the town. Rittle sends his ferret down into the town to see what’s going on. It takes about half an hour for the ferret comes back and tells them that people were there, they were angry and that there were three of them.

As the party is talking huge leathered hands grab the back of Davians neck and throw him into a tree. The rest of the party sees this and runs to aid Davian.

You’re like children the dark voice growls, your loud trouncing around like infants. I could have been anyone, you’re lucky I’ve bee tracking you, hiding your tracks from them. Tawnia speaks unseen from the shadows, “Ozdin, that entrance was not warranted.” “Fucking bitch”, he replies. She emerges with a rock in her hand; He asks her, “What are you going to do with that little one?”

“Just making sure your playing fair with my boys.”

Ozdins released Davain from the tree hold and as a group you head deeper into the woods. As soon as Rittle is given the chance, he starts interrogating Ozdin about his sexual malpractices and about Rowko. He tells them about how the dragon blooded make tours through his town about twice every year looking for exalted and other people of value. And on this particular day he was instructing the DB to not come back ever again, which led to an argument, which lead to a fight. Rowko, not wanting to see bloodshed cam to break up the fight but was accidentally killed in the process. He’s not sure why the town never told Lynnette the truth, but that’s all he is able tell you.

Ozdin believes that now that the stablekeep has betrayed him to DB because of your arrival. The DB have marked the town as a Solar town and will probaly makeing a permant settlement if an example isnt made. So it comes down to Ozdins wanting your group to kill the DB and help removed the problem that they’re created, while Tawnia wants to leave this town and this problem behind. Either way your party needs to find a way of escape and where exactly are you going to be escaping to?



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