The Champagne Campaign

Getting the idea...

first game

So , I haven’t blogged in quite some time so this might be a bit rough at first. What I’d like to see my self do with this is a fairly detailed account of what happened in the game. whether or not that happened remains to be seen but its my goal.

This time around we had out intro/prelude game where we introduced the character to one another, kind of abruptly since they were all thrown into an interment camp together, and proceeded to do what they were told for 3 weeks-ish until some big awesome peoples, with huge glowy white light showed up and kick the ever living shit out of some dragon blooded. And when I say kicked the ever living shit, I do mean just that. This was an event that will make the pages of history. The leader of this attack was Kūnjī, a now legendary exalted who channeled her anima, a phoenix, into an attacking force so powerful in its self that it brought down the walls on a strong hold with willpower alone. However, she was last seen entering the remains of this strong hold. To what ends; no one is sure, but no one seen her come out. With that battle finished our heroes were escorted to a makeshift base camp where they were feed and clothed and rested, and generally over all recovered. They were giving basic knowledge as to who they were now that they’ve had their “second breath”, their life as an Exalted of gods has begun. This is also where our heroes made a formal introductions so several figures of note, Tawnia, Shoson, Ronin, and Venetia. (See the wiki for a further explanation of what you know about them ( ie details to follow soon)). these people, among some other were the ones to meet in the hut and discuss what was going to happen next for the newly rescued people. The general consensus was that each leader would be given circles of young ones that they needed to train and make battle ready. You have been “assigned” to Tawnia. She’s made it clear that she is not impressed to have been given such a duty. After a recovery our young heroes venture out on their own. they’ve successful camped out for almost a week slowly honing the different charms that the gods have graced them with. But this night finds them surrounds by some pretty beefy wolves, will they survive another night? We’ll find out soon.



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