The Champagne Campaign

A brief stroll through the woods

That shadow had no idea you were there...

From the Feb 7th game there was 5 exp awarded to those who played last time

So for the conclusion of the epic battle of wolf vs. Sai…

Sai asses his situation and rather than doing his instinctual running the fuck away he swings his staff and he gouges the wolfs eye out. The wounded beast screams out in pain striking fear into the heart of his only surviving companion and they flee in to the night. Immediately the party works together to help mend their wounded friend.

After words, the boys sleep while Tawnia watches. In the morning the party decided to head to a nearby village for some medical supplies. This nearby town ends up being a day and a half march down a backwater trail, which brought them to Thorpsvile.

They roll into to town around dinner time when everyone is headed home. They see seven houses along 3 blocks. One is quite large and attached to a larger building which is the general store. There is a stable on the south end of town and a like any good town they have a tavern (more like a B&B with its own brewery)

After checking to see the general store is open, which it wasn’t, the circle heads to the tavern… but discuss how much of a wimp Sai may or may not be before doing so… In the tavern they find a shotty restaurant, with some locals unaccustomed to strangers. The barkeep starts a conversation with the reluctant circle where Tawnia tells him that they are headed to Great forks and about a tiny bit of trouble that they may have encountered with some wolves. The barkeep empathises and puts them up for the night, and tells them that they can see Jo, the grocer, tomorrow at the general store for some medical supplies. After some spirits and a warm meal, some of the party engage in conversations with some of the locals. Davain inquires to the barkeep about the wylde hunt, which reviles that there’s some hostility towards the dragon blooded. The locals can be heard discussing poor crops, like unusually poor crops, and they seem seriously upset about it.

As the night progresses and Rittle gets more and more hammered and his balls get bigger and bigger he “stumbles” over and asked them what the deal with the crops? Where he is curly met with a delightful story about the old woman who lives outside of town who is a witch, whom has cursed their crops. The trouble started when the she came into town with the body of her dead son and started accusing them of abandonment, betrayal and treachery. Insane with grief she screamed at curse on them, that all life there will end, all will wither and die, and every moment of it will be felt. Rittle, with liquid courage driving him, promises to save the (laughing) framers from this alleged curse and “set the town free”. However the farmers think that this young wanne-be hero is wasting his time, since a local hunter named Ozdin couldn’t do anything about the old woman. Meanwhile everyone else is quite and watches the show.

The barkeep provides 4 rooms and Tawnia retires for the evening, while the boys discuss if they can actually back up Rittles wild promises. It’s decided that they’re going to try.

In the morning, after Davians morning downward facing dog yoga and naked stretching, and trying to coax Tawnia out of the bathroom, he grabs breakfast

Rittle wakes up to a killer hangover and a promise that he need to keep.

Sai and Wiliam go to the general store. They find a crude but well cared for essential items store that has a little bit of everything, but no hats. They find some basic trauma care stuff but nothing medicine wise. The innkeeper, Jo, greets them and they discuss the prior night’s antics. And they come up with an arrangement for payment of goods. William gets himself a small glass jug, with a cork stopper and Sai gets a few bundles of mock trauma kits. After they return to the inn and clean up eat and discuss what to do next.

They decide that holding Rittle to his drunken promises is a good thing.

Every one shops around and talks to the locals, kills time and what not. Despite Rittle having a massive hang over, he notices that there are some inconsistencies in the ethnicity of the town, but he doesn’t get much farther than assuming he knew what he’s talking about and being shot down. Atleast until he asks Tawnia. The fact that he still smell like vomit might have something to do with people not wanting to talk to him. But they find out that Ozdin will be returning in about a week.

So the circle kills most of the morning shopping, talking, and generally wasting time and what not, but around lunch time they head south east to find the old crone… with a pack mule.

They walk along the path they were told about, it kind of follows a stream but its not a stream based path. The further they walk the deeper and darker the forest around them gets. Around dinner time they begin to notice that the forest around them seems less random and a lot more conform. Eventually they stop and camp for the night without event.

The morning commences with some nekid stretching and breakfast. And with nekid stretching almost making its way into the stream its deduced that maybe what’s causing the trouble in the town might transmitted via the stream. They keep walking and the trees are getting bigger and bigger and the ground they’re walking on is becoming less dirt and more roots. As they keep walking the trees keep changing and growing, and by growing they are growing together…This is where the party starts questioning what the fuck they’re doing this but it’s decided that they’ve already started so they might as well keep going. How noble. ..

Eventually as the walk the gaps between the trees begin filling in with shrubs. And slowly the shrubs go from being step-over-able to being taller and taller. Slowly it starts forming columns, which guide you guys down a specific path, or a corridor to be more specific. Sai, believing in safety after the “wolf” incident believes in looking before he leaps and begins checking every corner before letting the party continue. Inspired by his companion, William too checks around the corners to be sure of their safety. Then, they spot a shadow, a “fishy shadow”, being a true exalted he musters his bravery and sneaks over to get a better look of what this shadow was up to. That shadow had no idea he was there…

So they continue on, and they come on to another corner, and another corner…and another corner. After having to backtrack a time or two they party decides to try leaping on to the hedges to concur the maze that they’ve become lost in. Davian leaps to the top of the hedge and spots chimney smoke to the east. Then promptly sinks inside. Before being able to warn Sai from getting on top the hedge he begins sinking in too. As they struggle to free themselves the branches grip onto them pulling them tighter and deeper inside. They decided to lie still while William and Rittle slowly hack them out of the hedge. It’s a slow and tedious process but they manage to free their friends.

The party continues walking through the maze, rather than hacking and slashing through it, smelling their way through the maze towards the smoke. And after the sun has begun to set they come to an opening where they see a house.

This house is a well build home, made of stone and mortar. Its built… like a rock… (hehehe). The circle pauses before going to the house, deciding if setting up a tent in her front yard is a good idea, or maybe the old crone is maybe a misunderstood old lady, who just wants to feed you all cookies?

Right around this point my iPod battery dies so I’m going from memory now.

Rittle eventually ballsed up and knocked on the door and started talking to the old woman…she was not receptive, and the good cop-bad cop routine between Sai and Rittle did not seem to be doing much besides causing the fire inside the old woman’s house to ebb and flow as a reflection of her emotions. The dialog reviled that she blamed the town of thorpsvile and Ozdin – the bear- for the death of her son.

What did they do to her son? What’s Ozdins involvement in all this and just what’s the deal with all those kids anyways? Do our heroes even care, or are they just waiting for another chance to do group nekid stretching?


I still think we should have pissed off the old crone just to see if it burnt her house down.

A brief stroll through the woods

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